This is the final weekly giveaway, and it features a little cell phone charm left over from several I gave donors the first year I walked. It has a silver ribbon charm and two pink beads. 

(Please excuse the less-than-good photograph. I'm a bad photographer to begin with and seem to have misplaced my digital camera. So, this came via my cell phone's camera and my limited understanding of proper lighting. Seriously: The keychain is sitting on an olive green sofa in real life, but not so much in the picture...)

Here's how to enter:
- Leave one (and only one) comment here. If you comment on the Quilt Raffle fundraiser post, that will count as an entry, too.

- If you tweet about this week's Friday FundRAISER post go ahead and enter again in the comments section here. 

Example: 3-Dayers: A quilt raffle can be a wonderful way to raise money and showcase a friend's or loved one's talent. http://bit.ly/9BWJO7

- If you post about this give-away/fundraising tip on your blog, do the same and enter again in the comments section here.
- The giveaway will be open until next Friday. Then, I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner. Make sure to leave an e-mail address or some other way for me to get ahold of you if you win. 
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  1. diane Says:

    Very nice ideas. We are having a bake sale and car wash with a team of some 16 year olds who are walking.