Imagine a world without breast cancer.
The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is all about using that imagination to support breast cancer survivors, spread awareness, raise money and walk toward a goal so big it seems impossible that it's attainable by mere walking. I'm not particularly athletic, prone to wearing pink nor close to anyone with breast cancer - but this event has become one of my biggest passions.

Here are my favorite posts about the 3-Day:

Fun Things New 3-Dayers Should Know:
Never heard of the 60 Mile Men? Read this.

Funny Things I Spied 
at the Breast Cancer 3-Day:
Men in pink tutus. Boobie beanies. Great handmade posters. All in Washington, D.C., in October 2009. Check them out here.

No, no, it's SUPPOSED to be hard:
There is absolutely no reason to complain about the $2,300 fundraising minimum.

Sometimes you gotta get on the bus:
Blisters don't need chemo, but they still should be taken seriously. There's no shame in not finishing the day's route.

3-Dayers: Love thy feet:
A tale of true love and footbaths.

Hydrate like a dog:
It's just good advice

They are as good as they sound...
We salute the survivors!