People magazine pulled me in last week. I couldn't simply read the article in line at Wal-Mart about Kate Gosselin claiming she might split with her husband who might or might not have had an affair with a much younger "friend" whose brother might or might not have made the whole thing up and spread it to tabloids. I had to purchase said magazine and bring it home for closer inspection.

And discuss it with my roommate. That discussion lasted longer than most our discussions on economics or politics.

I CANNOT wait until the season premiere Monday. Because, although raising eight kids has to be stressful, how can these people NOT be happy with their lives? They just moved into a $1 million mansion and have a successful reality show that (if it hasn't already) will surely line their pocketbooks for some time to come.

Now's the time for a little fresh air. You know, don't sweat the small stuff but let the cameras catch it because everyone knows reality TV thrives on conflict. (That's why some people are still watching Real World long after it became painfully obvious that it did little to replicate the real world.)

Apparently, Jon has become "disenchanted" with their high profile life, according to the People article. He said he needed a career. So Kate suggested a part-time job, volunteering at the kids' school, or maybe going back to school. Didn't happen. Then, he stayed home with the kids while Kate went on speaking engagements because he didn't like the public appearances. He needed time away from the kids.

He must not have found what he was seeking. (Or did he? With alcohol and a single woman?)

He even bought a car without asking her. To quote People: "Given that Kate notoriously lost her cool in one episode when Jon failed to use a coupon, one can only imagine the havoc wreaked by splurging on an automobile." Hehe. They have a point.

Instead I might suggest traveling abroad. Take some time away from the family and backpack through Europe. Get some perspective. Don't go to a bar with a 24-year-old woman and then invite her and some other friends over to sunbathe while your wife is away. Really, what did you think your wife (or the public whose adoration likely is paying for that new house) would say? When has acting like a jerk ever truly gotten a point across?

Or maybe all this is just a publicity stunt.

If it is, it worked.

I'll be tuning in Monday evening. Yes, yes, I am part of the problem that supports tabloid gossip and watching other people's conflict/human misery edited into 30- or 60-minute segments. Sorry. Sometimes I read literature, too.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh Jillian. I can no longer speak freely in your presence as the Overlords have taken control of your brain.