... unless I was so pretty no one cared that I couldn't cook :)

To recap the last three days: I baked three loaves of pumpkin bread on Friday. BlackJack got one - sadly, not the one that caved in while it was cooling because I took it out of the oven too early. But I didn't find any mushy, unbaked spots in the third one when I dissected it. And one out of three ain't bad, right?

Yesterday, I did two loaves of a new eggnog break recipe I found online. No drama there, other than the fact that I've never eaten anything like that before, so I have no idea if anyone will like it. I made two loaves of gingerbread, and both split down the middle when I was taking them out of the pan. I guess in a way, I now have four loaves of gingerbread. (Sigh).

Just now, I may or may not have burned another batch of pumpkin bread. It smells burny -- not so burny that the smoke detectors went off, but definitely not a spicey kinda smell normally associated with pumpkin bread. We shall see.

Now, it's time for a batch of homemade dog treats. Pretty sure those will go quickly even if they're a little brown ...

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