Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

There's been a few steps of beautiful inlaid wood, but plenty patches of worn carpet and wood so thin it threatened to collapse beneath me. Some were basked in sunshine; others, not so much. There were times (OK, much of 2007...and 2006.. and maybe 2005) when I would spontaneously start crying while my mind wandered when I was driving. There were times I feared I would never get a "real job," and times I wished I were still in college.

But these times ain't so desperate.

I've dropped some of the baggage. I've made plans. I'm not there yet, but I've gone up a few steps. (In fact, I walked 44 miles in three days. Lots of steps...) I've finally found the right pace of vaguely knowing where I'm going, but not putting too much pressure on myself. I still stress about the details, but I would say my staircase is starting to spiral. And the carpet is starting feel thicker.

So, I don't need to make resolutions. I know where's I am and have a good idea of where's I'm going. And that's enough. When I finds it kinder hard, I'll just keep climbing.
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