I love pink. And breast cancer slogans. I love that people can find reasons to celebrate when faced with a horrible disease that too often leaves its victims dying slowly or riddled with fear that it will strike again.

If chemo has left you bald, why not wear a pink bandana? If your mom died of cancer, why not pin her picture to a hot pink shirt and go on a Forest Gump-style walk with thousands of other people? If you've survived your battle with breast cancer, why not strap on a fanny pack and convince other women to raise obscene amounts of money for research?

Along the way, you'll meet people who will cheer you for simply crossing the street, people who will pull out their checkbook simply because you asked, and people who will wrap band-aids around your bleeding, blistered feet while scolding you for allowing your blisters to get so horrendously out of control.

I don't have any close family or friends who have suffered from breast cancer, but I still think it's important to support those who do and to work for better treatments. The world needs more examples of victims who refuse to remain victimized and of individuals who are willing to strive for something beyond their immediate world.

So, yeah, that's why I'm walking 60 miles across Washington, D.C., in October to raise money for breast cancer research and education. Check out the 3-Day at http://www.the3day.org/
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