25 Random Things About Jill
1. I am a rock-solid Democrat. Although once, in a moment of desperation, I applied to be a spokesperson for Republicans in the Indiana state legislature and claimed to have voted for George W. Bush. It made me nauseous. I did not take the job.

2. I was a White House intern in the fall of 2000. The Monica Lewinsky jokes got old quickly, but when Bill Clinton touched my hand, I kind of got it.

3. I have never won a trophy. A few metals, yes, several certificates, yes, but no trophy.

4. My favorite little dog, BlackJack, was an impulse purchase made with my ex-husband when I was half-drunk.

5. I wish I could say my ex-husband was an impulse made when half-drunk, but no, I thought that one through and did it anyway. (Sigh.)

6. I want to get married again, though. And sometimes the idea of being a stay-at-home mom is really appealing. Giving birth, however, scares the daylights out of me.

7. I love pasta. My specialty is macaroni and cheese, although I’ll admit it’s not popular with 9-year-olds.

8. My mom constantly questions the quality of people to whom I give my cell phone number. The fact that the former mobster was calling from an undisclosed location did little to quell her concern. (I cover courts for a newspaper. Comes with the territory.)

9. I recently got my first letter from a prison inmate. It freaked out my roommate, but I found its contents rather disappointing. Nothing exciting in it at all.

10. I really want to sell you my engagement ring. It’s not cursed, really. People, not inanimate objects, ruin marriages.

11. My first job out of college was in a little town called Hoopeston. The Baptist congregation there took up a $1,000 collection to try to pay some Wiccans to not open a “school” in town. (It didn’t work). The best things about the town were the high school mascot (The Cornjerker) and the Sweetheart Pageant (all the runners up in the state Miss America pageant competed against each other to see what they faced in the national arena).

12. I sometimes daydream about how my life would be different if I were a millionaire. I’d probably be (more?) blunt and wear jeans to work more often.

13. I recycle most of the time (unless it involves washing out slimy containers. Then I figure I’m wasting more water than the resources I’d save by recycling.)

14. I no longer believe everything is possible. Admitting that makes me sad, but it also makes me realize how truly amazing some of the people in my life are.

15. I’ve lost my wanderlust a little over the years, but I still long to travel far more than time and money will allow. (Have I mentioned lately I’m going to New Orleans next week? Very exciting.)

16. I have never broken a bone or been hospitalized.

17. I compulsively check my e-mail about every hour or so.

18. About a year ago, I replaced my Mountain Dew habit for a coffee habit.

19. I still can’t control my shopping habit

20. Years after I first read it in college, my favorite book is still “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”

21. I wish I could write the great American novel, but my first few meager attempts are not too promising.

22. I really think people who make more money and have a better education than me should have figured out how to fix the economy already. Really, what are they doing to justify their inflated egos?

23. I have little patience for people with inflated egos. A small twist of fate and all of us could find ourselves homeless and friendless. (OK, maybe for some it would take a large twist of fate. But really.)

24. I have become obsessed with the color pink since I got involved with the Breast Cancer 3-Day. My toes presently are painted pink.

25. I long to know more about my ancestors and am somewhat disappointed with the bad handwriting and spelling problems that I’ve found in historical documents. Can you imagine how many ways Duchnowski has been spelled over the years?
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