Yes, I officially am back on my training schedule for the 3-Day. (I have to earn the tiara that comes with being Ms. Americas Tatas Illinois.)

Life has thrown me curveballs (and plenty of laziness) lately. But I dragged myself to the gym Tuesday after I got stuck late at work and did 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer and walked three miles in just under an hour.

On Wednesday, I trekked five miles around Emricson Park (my new favorite place to walk) with my 3-Day buddy, Suzanne. On Thursday, I again got stuck late at work and fell asleep shortly after getting home. On Friday, I made myself get up at 6:30 a.m. to put in 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer at the gym before heading to work.

On Saturday, it rained. I got a little damp walking 5K (that's just over 3 miles) in Walk 5K for Caitlin since I was about 70 percent under Aaron's umbrella. Speaking of amazing boyfriends, BlackJack and Aaron accompanied me for another 3 miles Saturday at Emricson AND seven miles there Sunday.

I have to say, my fancy, expensive, extra-wide/clod-hopper walking shoes are doing an excellent job. My feet ached after seven miles but no blisters. I think I met dehydration for the first time this time around on Sunday, so I'm chugging non-sweetened ice tea for all its worth today.

And, it's only 17 weeks until the event. When I'll walk 20 miles a day for three days in a row while Aaron is tooling around in an air conditioned van picking up women - I mean, distressed walkers.
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  1. Aaron Says:

    Note to self... Must remember to wear fuzzy pimp hat to attract more women while cruising in the "Pink Mobile".