Yes. It is.

It's also crazy to bake dog treats more often than human cookies. Or to coo nicknames at your dog so much that he not only responds to BlackJack, but also to "little guy," "jackers" and "cook-a-chew." And sometimes "bugaboo," but that's more of a winter nickname.

But Tweet BlackJack does. And, I was amazed, so do lots of other critters. BlackJack is following 23 dogs and cats, a bird and Ashton Kutcher. And he has 14 followers, which at this point is more than I have. If you are hankering to know what the little guy is up to, all you have to do is look to your right, just below the donation widget.

(For those who are wondering, I have two Twitter accounts, a blog, a Facebook account complete with a new nickname, a LinkedIn account, an Etsy account and a MySpace account. Although the MySpace account is solely there for journalistic purposes. No wonder I don't have a social life...)
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