I'm pretty sure Jon and Kate Gosselin face pressures that the average marriage doesn't, so maybe your average marital advice doesn't really apply. Maybe instead of beach getaways and televised vow-renewal ceremonies, they should have talked with a professional. But then again, maybe fixing their marriage would have required more compromise than either of them could stomach. If Kate wants to push forward full steam into a "reality television" empire and Jon doesn't, would compromise just make them both miserable?

Not that I really know anything about anything, but I kind of feel like their kids deserved a little more effort at maintaining the marriage. And like I said before, it seems like they reached a comfortable stage where all they needed to do was enjoy their successes. But what do I know?

They pretty much said what one expects any divorcing couple to say during their "interviews" on last night's "announcement." Kate just wants relief:

"I'm tired of smiling in the outside and crying on the inside. I've been doing
that for a long time," Kate said of their life and impending split. "I had a
half a day where I let myself fall apart and hyperventilate and sob harder than
I've ever sobbed in my life. By the time I woke up the next morning, I decided I
need relief." (quotes taken from here.)

And Jon seems to think he's standing up for himself:
"I was too passive, I let her rule the roost and went along with everything and now I stood up on my own two feet and I'm proud of myself," he said.

At least they didn't tell the kids on television.

I thought the best part of the whole episode, though, was when the kids lined up lawn chairs outside their new playhouses and told their parents to be quiet because they were doing "interviews." I imagine their parents have asked them to please be quiet several times over the past few years while they were taping their interviews from the tan loveseat thing.

I guess now there will be twice the number of interviews because they'll be doing them separately.
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