So, don't laugh, but I'm pretty sure dieting makes me dumb.

As in, I found myself asking the same person the same question multiple times in the same day. She was nice about it, but that happened a few days after my mind was so numb seven hours into work that I wasn't confident I could spell my own name correctly. (Thankfully, I did. And everyone else's name, too. But that was sheer luck.)

I got better vitamins. I filled out my daily food log (yeah, using a purple marker didn't make THAT any less boring). And you may remember how excited I was when I lost a few pounds.

But the excitement is over. And my stomach churned almost ALL the time. And I felt weird when I worked out. And, you know, working out is my main form of stress relief (I still love 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer listening to a lot of Nickelback and a little country. I'm weird, I know.) Oh, and on a even more disturbing level, I found myself craving eggs scrambled with onion, tofu and portobello mushrooms. Who craves tofu? Someone who is only eating 1,200 calories a day. Or 1,400, when they cheat.

So, yeah, I gave up on NutriSystem.

I'll still probably eat the food intermittently with other food since I paid for it and all, and it's PROBABLY wrong to donate it to a food pantry. I can say I've gotten the point about portion control (which McDonald's and Wendy's and most other fast food chains have missed), but I'm going to have to survive on healthy food from the grocery story.

And a FEW carbs.
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  1. I believe in healthy food from the grocery store! And I think we should write a grocery story together :)