I really used to like Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I’d watch and make little mental notes of things to do when I become a mom: ice cream for lunch once a summer, making pots and pots of homemade soup in a single day and freezing it, special alone time for each kid with each parent, avid couponing.

OK, yeah, the avid couponing probably never would have happened...

:: TLC sigh ::

Kate’s interview by NBC on TLC was a downer. How quickly her blessings became cursed. And altogether typical.

We all know the mother who takes charge and sometimes berates her husband. We all know the father who somehow feels justified partying while his wife works hard. In a world that places such an emphasis on feminine form and appearance, it’s frustrating to see a mother in the spotlight be criticized for obviously caring how she looks.

Blah. Perhaps the show was more realistic than anyone planned.
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2 Responses
  1. yana Says:

    I was the same as you - I'd watch the show and look for techniques to add to my own parenting style (someday) or think about how I would handle the situation better .... and I was so crushed when all the drama started coming out and then the latest batch of stuff!

  2. Julie Says:

    I used to love the show as well. I haven't even had the heart to watch it since the drama began. I feel like I would be snooping too much. I just feel so bad for everone involved, it is stressful enough on a marriage to have a two or three toddlers, be sleep deprived, and worrisome about how life will pan out then add even more kids, a camera crew, and millions of people judging you. Well, that just can't end well. But I sure wish it had.