So, out from the clatter of Facebook status updates about jogging, getting kids dressed, hating to go to work, I learned about Noah Scott Biorkman.

He’s five, and he’s dying of Neuroblastoma. The Little Man was diagnosed in February 2007, and it went into remission about six months later, only to relapse in September 2008. Apparently, the cancer continued to spread, and the doctors told his family that he won’t be with them much longer.

A Google search pointed me to a “Care Page” that Noah’s mom seems to be updating.

She said Noah was eating a corndog with his dad recently, and Noah commented that he was sad that he wouldn’t get to do that anymore when he dies. Dad understandably panicked when he heard this and told Noah that he needed to hang on until Christmas. He promised to buy the little guy every Transformer he doesn’t have if he made it until Christmas.

Then, the family rethought this promise, and the pressure it might put on their little guy, according to the Care Page. So they decided to bring Noah Christmas early. As in, this weekend.

They started asking friends, and those friends asked friends, and then radio stations and Facebook got a hold of it - and Noah is being flooded with Christmas cards.

Yesterday, the mailman brought them 64 cards and a package. And people have offered Christmas Carolers, Santas, and snow. (Apparently, they turned down the snow delivery.)

On Friday, Santa is going to bring Noah the rest of the cards from the post office not -- in a sleigh, but in a firetruck with a police escort. And on Sunday, his whole family will come over for a special celebration.

It’s not too late to mail cards to Michigan for Friday’s special delivery, right? If you want to get in on the fun, you can mail cards to:

(I assume the family hopes to one day regain their privacy after the outpouring of compassion and Christmas cards, so I removed the address Saturday - after Santa was scheduled to deliver ton of cards. Leave a message on the Care Page if you want to contact the family.)

Are you skeptical that this is one of those Internet scams? Don’t feel like a bad person; I asked the same thing - supposedly Noah’s mom is a friend of a coworker of a friend of a girl I went to high school with ... if I followed Facebook chatter correctly.

But never fear, Snopes is on it. And you can read the Care Page here. You’ll have to sign up for a log-in, but it’s pretty painless.
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