... when I got an e-mail that there was an "Urgent Update" on Noah's Care Page.

Whew, it was good news. The family has gotten so many Christmas cards that Noah's mom doesn't have any more room, so she's redirecting mail to Noah's dad's house. 80,000 pieces of mail Monday alone.

Don't you just kind of love people, sometimes? It's so easy to be rude to random strangers you see on a daily basis, but people will rally around a sick kid with an easy wish without a second thought. :)

I'm guilty on both counts, though.

In the spirit of spreading awareness, here's a little bit of info about Neuroblastoma, which is a cancer that develops from nerve tissue in children and infants. The cause is unknown. About 1 in 100,000 children get it, and it's slightly more common in boys.
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