For a guy who weighs 27 pounds and prefers toilet water, BlackJack sure can power through 7 or 8 miles. Although, once when it was 80 degrees, he appeared to strategize the length of his leash so he could be in the shade as much as possible. And then he finally plopped down in the shade and refused to get up while I politely explained I WOULD NOT be carrying him to the car.

But, anyways, the spoodle (as I prefer to call the cocker spaniel-poodle mix) sets a good example for hydration. When we walk in the city park, he drinks at the doggie-sized drinking fountain, in random puddles, and once begged a whole bottle of water from a nice mom sitting at a baseball game. She took one look at him, offered him ice and had her daughter cup her hands so she could pour bottled water into it for him to drink.

So, when you're on a long walk, drink like BlackJack. Drink at every available fountain, stop, etc. If you're going on a long walk, try to drink an extra 8 glasses the day before the long walk and then a few glasses at least two hours before the walk. During the long walk, try to drink 8 ounces of fluids for every two miles, alternating between sports drink and water. If you don't believe all the hype about sports drink replenishing your electrolytes and whatnot better than water, you will after you've walked 10 miles in summer heat. You'll FEEL the electrolytes swimming to your tummy.

And, just like BlackJack, you should have to stop frequently to pee. He doesn't hesitate to pee on a bush just three steps from where he got his last drink, but you would probably do well to plan your training walks so that you can have a potty break every hour (or every three miles). If you're not going, you're not drinking enough.

Another BlackJack lesson? If you're so tired you'd like to sit in the shade for awhile, go ahead and do it. As long as you're sitting, stretch a little bit. :)
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