And walk 10 miles they did - yesterday. Today we did (only) six.

The secret to training for the 3-Day, as far as I can tell, is to not stop. Like, you don't notice how much your feet ache as long as your still moving.
When that stops working (around mile 9 for me yesterday), I pretended I was a Terminator robot -- nothing could stop me. Allow a bajillian mosquitoes to bite me, and I'll still complete my mission. Let my fingers swell to bizarre proportions, and I'll still complete my mission. Shoot my leg off, and I'll still complete my mission. (Thank goodness it didn't come to that.)

Mission completed. The casualties: Two small blisters are forming, a weird callous is developing on a little toe and my heels are beyond rough. But who'll notice now that I painted my toes Sarah Palin purple (a la her photo spread in Time magazine this week)?
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