Now that I've been officially single for weeks, I figured it was time to crawl back onto the online-dating bandwagon. Overall, I haven't had bad experiences with match.com, so why not have one more round?

As I was trolling/scrolling for men, I found a photographer who included a few creative pieces in his profile -- including a shot of a small wiener dog literally inside a hot dog bun. Hilarious! Like, laugh-out-loud funny. So, I sent him a quick e-mail telling him so and asking what kind of photography he does.

This is the response I got:

I do all types of photography, but reading thru your profile I noticed that you were liberal... Sorry but i don't understand liberal's way of thinking, and therefore I'm going to say Thanks for the email. But Im not interested. Good luck in your search :)

Seriously? I don't understand the liberal perspective? Aren't 90 percent of photographers liberal?

So instead of using a random opportunity to expand your understanding -- perhaps just to the point of realizing that there are multiple liberal viewpoints and that I could fall loosely into any number of them -- you just say, I'd rather not talk to you ever again?!

I have to say, as far as rejections go, that's pretty painless. Kinda funny. Definitely not anything to get hung up on...
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