10 more weeks until the Washington, D.C. 3-Day. 10 WEEKS! On one hand, that's good cause I still have some ways to go on my fundraising goal. On the other hand, the training schedule is starting to kick up and my interest in spending the better part of a Saturday walking and sweating is diminishing.

So, what do you do when your motivation flags? I do actually need help in this area. I put on my thinking cap and here's what I came up with (aside from the obvious -- walking with other 3-Dayers):

* Reward thyself. Think a long bath with good-smelling things, a trip to Dairy Queen or a massage, professional or otherwise, after a long walk.

* Get friends involved. Who has friends (who aren't doing the 3-Day) who really want to walk 13 miles? But you probably have tons of friends who can walk 3 or 4 miles. Ask them to start the day off with you or meet you part-way through the walk.

* Break up a training walk. Take your dog for a 3-mile walk, stop at home for water and refreshment, and then head out for the rest of your miles for the day.

* Use a stretching break to connect with others. Maybe text a teammate who lives in another state, a breast cancer survivor for whom you are dedicating your walk, or your mom to let him/her know how the training is going and how important you think the event is.
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3 Responses
  1. Julie Says:

    The long walks are challenging. Walking on "official" training walks is always motivating to me. I meet new people and have folks to talk with. Talking makes the miles disappear. Good luck.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Get up early so you can get it over with! This is my third 3-Day and I have two small children (4, 7), a husband, a dog, house on 20 acres and a full time job that requires a travel. I understand the lack in motivation. If I convince myself in the morning that I will make time in the afternoon or evening I can always find something other reason not to walk.

    What does motivate me is that I can get 6-7 miles in before 7 am and get on with my day with a sense of accomplishment! I have a dog that walks with me and tomorrow he will walk his first 15 miler.

    I also walk on a trail so I do not have to worry about traffic and I talk on the phone. I know it is a big no-no, but it helps me get in more miles without boredom. Hey, it has to be safer than an I-pod!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I'm training alone again this year. There is no one within 50 miles of me that is doing the 3 Day. The hardest part for me isn't the walking, it's all that stuff I think about I could be doing while I'm walking.

    If you need someone to text while you are training drop me an email & I'll give you my # so we can cyber train together.

    Looking forward to meeting you in DC.
    Kathy, Ms Oklahoma