The e-mail is tempting: $35 off the $90 registration fee if I sign up soon for another Breast Cancer 3-Day.

But my bank account is so sad right now. Depressed even. Like, more than the state of the national economy.

I enjoyed myself in Washington, D.C., but weirdly enough, fundraising takes money, training takes money, dinners with the team take money, martinis with the team take money... And now there ain't that much left for other things.

Not that I have much room to complain. I saw it coming, and I loved the trip. But can I really sign up for another event right now? I just don't know...

I've toyed with other ways to stay involved. Crewing. Adopting a first-year walker to help with fundraising. Cheering.

But I don't think I can dedicate all the time it takes to train and raise $2,300 again right now. That's a big commitment - which I recognize and appreciate - but I don't think I can hit up the same (wonderful and supportive) friends and family for another donation right after they gave so generously last year.

So, 3-Dayers, how do you manage to stay involved year after year?

P.S. If you want to comment, you now can without having some sort of log in. I changed the settings, so go ahead and share your opinion. :)
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6 Responses
  1. Mandy Says:

    The generosity of my repeat donors surprised me! This year was my second year. I told everyone about it early, but I didn't ask for their money until the last 2 months. A lot of my bigger donors gave as soon as they knew. And then by the 1 month mark, a lot of them were passing on the info to others.

    It was definitely harder, but I was on a mission! (I had to try to do the walk w/o an injury to try to do more of the miles this year.) I plan on doing it again next year, but I may step back to a crew person. I think I'll give my donors and my family a break - less time away training, fundraising, etc.

  2. Walkers4Life Says:

    This is my 4th year raising money and yes I have signed up for year 5, I already used the promotion and signed up for 2010 even though I haven't walked San Diego yet this year.

    This year I took a different route instead of emailing the same friends and family and friends of friends, I did many fundraisers and with the help of one company matching donation I met my goal.

    I started in January with a Super Bowl fundraiser and went from there. I have written about my fundraisers at http://www.walkers4life.com.

    If you feel that the fundraising is to much than yes I would recommend crewing, it is a great experience. I have crewed the last two years in San Francisco and loved the experience.

    Crewing cost money as well, since you have to go a day early and spend the night in the hotel on Thursday (crew start between 4am - 5am on Friday). I usually crew with a few people to share expenses and this year I was able to use some hotel points so the room was free.

    If you can't walk or crew blog for all the walkers out there and keep up the awareness because some day we will find a cure.

    Thanks for all you have done this year, every dollar counts.

  3. It is definitely hard. I had less trouble this year raising money than last year (my first). I think it was because I started early and had some great company matches. I'm already committing to doing it again next year and plan to use my 2009 story to encourage people to donate to 2010. My blog gets so many hits on my personal 3-day story, so I figured if I added in a link to donate to 2010, I could get a good head start...

    I agree, though. All of the other incidental costs can really add up. I try to budget things throughout the year so my October/November budget isn't 3-day overloaded!

  4. faren Says:

    First off- I have been surprised in the past years by how much success friends have had by asking for donations in December- reminding people that now is the time for tax write-offs. Just sayn'
    But to really answer your how-to-stay-involved question, here's a few things I do-

    1. Be a Training Walk Leader. 2 of the last 3 years I was a TWL I was not walking in any 3Day event. This year I only did 2 5-mile walks every week, but still got to meet wonderful people and share my 3-Day knowledge/resources. I also got to know the other local Training Walk Leaders and offered my help in backing them up, weather on long walks or if they had a sudden event that prevented them from leading their walks.
    2. Become a volunteer- year round! Did you go to a Get Started meeting? Were there former walkers there? A fun way to share your story and inspire others is to volunteer at Get Started Meetings in your area- contact your local coaches to find out how. Even if you are not in a city that has a 3-Day in town, there might still be opportunities to help.
    3. Crew, of course! Remember that even though you don't have to fund raise, you can, and even $250 goes a long way to off-setting the costs of you being there. But as a plus, as a registered participant you have access to the message boards and Training Walk schedule where you can get out and meet or virtually meet other walkers and support them in their journey.
    4. Walker Stalking! Did you know even training walks love walker stalkers? Some of the longer walks/more organized walk leaders in my area look for sweep people, lunch people and walker stalkers to help keep their walkers motivated, plus it could be practice for cheering at a walk next year (road trip!)
    5. Support other friend's fund raising. Even if you are not trying to raise money in 2010, you probably have friends who are- try to help them by promoting their yard sales, wine nights, bingo games, pampered chef parties, what ever they are doing. Either spread the invites to your friends and past donors, offer to bake something for the event, take tickets at the door, whatever.

    The more you look around, there more you will see there are many many walks to stay involved, even if it's just telling anyone you meet how excited you are to be planning to walk in 2012!

  5. Kathy Says:

    This was my 2nd year & once again my friends & family stepped right up & opened those wallets. I have already signed up for 2010 in Chicago as part of the CREW.

    I wanted to experience a different side of the 3 Day experience. Also I felt like I needed a break from training walks & fund raising, not to mention my friends & family.

    I would really like to each one of the different cities the 3 Day goes to, so that means I should be finished in 2022, that is if they don't add any more to the list.

  6. Shannon Says:

    Great blog! This is something that I have thought about being a first time walker this year and seriously thinking about signing up for next year.

    I liked the idea about 'adopting' a first time walker - there is sooo much for a first timer to learn!

    My family and friends have really been motivational this year and keeping up with my progress. Hopefully after I finish the walk this year they will really realize my determination and be open to donating again last year.