Note to readers: Sorry to flood the few loyal blog readers I have with pics from my vacation. I've been thinking a bit about what I want this blog to be after the 3-Day is over, and I haven't really decided. But one of my goals all along was to create an easy record-of-life for my memories. You know, so when I'm old and decrepit (or maybe 6 months from now) and I want to remember that weird art I saw at that one place in D.C., I can. So, um, yeah, don't read it if you aren't interested.

Sol Lewitt
1962, painted wood

The air currents in the building make this mobile move very slowly or very, very slowly. When I was there, it was barely moving at all.

Le Tournesol (The Sunflower)
Edward Stiechen
c. 1920, tempera and oil on canvas

Swamp Maple (4:30)
Alex Katz
1968, oil on linen

Art to order. The artist, rather than actually painting this, wrote detailed instructions and sent assistants to actually create it right on the museum wall -- more like an architect or design engineer than what we traditionally think of as an artist.

But it appears the museum gave credit to the "assistants," too.

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