So, I believe the official count is 63 teammates and $155,120 raised for breast cancer research, education and other programs. Faced with those numbers, what can you do? If you're Cari (our team captain), you drink pink martinis, pass you tiaras and necklaces and remind everyone to be ready for the bus at 5:45 a.m.

Here are a few pics from our team party Thursday, which was the night before the walk started. (I've tried to avoid pics that prove I'm so NOT photogenic, but those are hard to avoid :))

Here are the six breast-cancer survivors on the team:

Three of my fabulous fellow-walkers:

The three men who walked on the team. The gentleman in the center surprised his girlfriend on her birthday (which was only a few weeks ago) by telling her he had raised all the money so he could walk with her. The gentleman on the right was walking in yet another walk with his wife. (I forget how many they said they had done, but she is celebrating her 5th years as a breast-cancer survivor.)

Cari spent so much time (and, I suspect, money) keeping the team organized and fun. Her husband sent her daughter a little message for her to read at the team party, essentially saying he knew how important the walk was and how much time she has dedicated selflessly to others. I think she was touched. :)

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