... for Ms. America Tatas! In case you missed my last 10 blog entries, I had an AMAZING time in Washington, D.C. Ms America Tatas presented 60 walkers in the Breast Cancer 3-Day and have raised more than $155,000.

But there still are a few teammates who have yet to meet their minimum fundraising goal. That means that whatever they don't raise the rest of the fund by Nov. 11, it will be charged to their credit card. So, if you have a few extra dollars lying around that could make a good tax write-off, consider donating directly to Natalie Sinanan here, Dana Humble here, or Crystal Halbert here.

OR, invest in some of my handmade notecards. Each pack is $10, half of which will be donated to one of these three lovely ladies. To order, simply e-mail me at jillianduch@hotmail. com telling me what you want and where to send it. You can either send me a check or pay via Paypal.

You give such great support - One set of five
Featuring a little rhinestone and a lacy bra

Save the Tatas - One set of six
Paper flowers adhered with little silver pins.

Let's find a cure - One set of 9
Yes, that's a pic of me when I was little :)

Fight like a girl! - Two sets of five.

Red pears - Two sets of five

Purple pears - One set of eight

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  1. Robin Leo Says:

    You are SO talented in both verse and craft! It was very nice getting to know you in DC! If I'm ever in the Windy City, we'll have to marvel over the evolution of the mammary gland and throw back a Chai (not at the corporate giant's spot, though ;0) Best of luck!!