Handmade Help isn't a person. And it's probably not fair to call their works "crafts."

Handmade Help is a group of well-established artists who have been affected by cancer and want to help. All the profits are donated to a four-star cancer charity. I ran across their Etsy shop and fell in love with several pieces. The images on their Etsy site are copyright-protected from reproduction, so I didn't want to steal any to post here, but take the time to click on my links.

Like this one. Oh, and I totally love this. And thisAnd this one called "Civilized Graffiti." If you have an extra $200 lying around, feel free to buy it for me :)

I liked them so much, I stole borrowed some copy from their shop to tell you a little about them.

Who are they?
We are all artists who have a good deal of expertise in our chosen field of art. We have either a Masters Degree in our field, have been selected in juried shows, have won prizes, or all of the above.

Because the entirety of the net profit from all sales in this shop will go to cancer research, most, if not all, of our artists remain anonymous in honor of the good deed they are doing. Our prices may reflect a marked decrease in the amount one might expect to pay in another venue and our artists may be donating items they have been experimenting with, or items that are not in their usual medium. However, each artist has made their reputation and is not participating for self promotion -- you will see in the work, their talent.

(From Jillian: This is $19 worth of lipstick red fun.)

Who they support:
Our belief is that cancer can be cured, and that treatment can be improved.

Your purchase will help support cancer research through these four-star cancer research foundations: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Cancer Research Institute, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. As well, donations have and will be made to MD Anderson Cancer Center, the American Cancer Society, and Stand Up to Cancer, where Handmade Help maintains a "team" where you can see contributions grow. You can see where their money goes by clicking here: http://www.standup2cancer.org/su2c/money 
Stand Up To Cancer's main site is: http://www.standup2cancer.org/

(From Jillian: They have some pretty political commentary. And boobies. And they accept custom orders!)

Where to find them:
Twitter: HandmadeHelp
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2 Responses
  1. Kathy Says:

    Thanks, now I HAVE to have the "HOPE" necklace. I'm a big fan of the dragonfly.

  2. jillianduch Says:

    Hehe. Sorry, Kathy. I love dragonflies, too. In fact, I think they offer cute dragonfly earrings, too...