How do you tell the world your two-year-old is probably dying in 140 characters or less? Layla Grace's mom didn't - she spread it out over several Tweets last Friday at 

Layla Grace has Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer (the same form of cancer Noah had). Last week, doctors told her family that despite the treatments, they had found new tumors. They started oral chemotherapy, which slows the tumor's growth rate in about half of these situations. A doctor also told them they should prepare like they have two months left for her.

This week's Crafters for a Cure focuses on Layla Grace's mom's dear friend, whose Etsy shop includes a necklace, bracelet and T-shirt with sales going toward Layla Grace's medical bills. Here's a little bit more about the shop, and Layla Grace, in Kinsey's own words.

What I create:
I create a collection of jewelry designed to bring awareness to Neuroblastoma, a very common yet aggressive form of childhood cancer. A friend of mine's daughter, Layla Grace Marsh, was diagnosed last year, and she has been in the fight of her life ever since. Each piece in my collection carries her name, and is handmade with the utmost care and for the cause.

My favorite piece in my Etsy shop is:
By far, my favorite piece is the hand stamped necklace. When making this piece, I tried to think of a single word that would represent Layla. Not only did I come up with one, but I thought of two. The first that came to mind was"courage". She is the most courageous person I have ever known, and her spirit is so strong that she inspires me. The second word is "faith". No one can say they have endured cancer without having faith. These words are one the necklace, along with an amethyst stone to represent cancer, and the awareness ribbon in gold to represent Neuroblastoma awareness.

Why I hate cancer:
I hate cancer because it is a vicious monster that knows no boundaries. It affects all people, young and old, with no regard to the pain it causes. I hate cancer because it will take of my oldest friend's 2 year old baby, despite how hard she has been fighting it.

The cancer initiatives I support:
I support as many cancer initiatives as I can. I run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, as well as support the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. This year, I plan to participate in as many fund raising activities as I can to support Texas Childrens Hospital, who has treated Layla since her diagnoses.

What more people should realize about cancer is:
How awful it is. So many people have no idea how bad it is. It is painful to see what it does to those affected. To see a person transform into a shell of their former self. To watch a child lose her hair, lose astonishing amounts of weight, throw up, get poked and prodded, have surgery after surgery, all to lose the battle-it has forever affected me. I hug my child more than ever, just because he is healthy and here.

My favorite cancer-awareness slogan: "Cancer Sucks"

The biggest blessing in my life is:
Having a wonderful, healthy son, whom I get to hold everyday, and getting the privilege to learn such a great deal about life from a 2 year old little girl with a heart of gold.

Find out more about Layla Grace at:

P.S. Be sure to check out the Chailatteplease giveaway. Tell us who gives you great support. :)
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