Coffee syrup and pancakes! Oh my!

That's one of the packages JAVA & Co offers as part of its JAVA Pink for the Cure. This husband-wife team produces specialty coffee-infused syrup (in a variety of flavors!), sweets and other decadent goodies here in Illinois. A portion of the sales from JAVA Pink for the Cure line is donated to breast cancer awareness and research.
You can read a little more about them, in Jamie's own words, in this week's Crafters for a Cure.

What I create: Chef-inspired coffee infused specialty foods

My favorite product in my shop is: Hands down -
the coffee infused syrup. Not only is it versatile in the kitchen, it is truly decadent!

Why I hate cancer:
It’s a disease that knows no limits – young and old, male and female – it’s invasive, destructive and can be lethal.

The charities I support:
Charities for breast cancer awareness and the fight against breast cancer.

What more people should realize about cancer is: With early detection, your chances of winning the cancer fight increase dramatically.
It doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

The biggest blessing in my life is: My family.

My New Year's resolution is: Live each day to its fullest.
It might not sound that creative, but too often I find myself paying too close attention and getting caught up in the details and routine of life and sometimes, I forget to live life and enjoy it. For 2010, I want to be present and enjoy each day for the gift that it is.

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