This week, I donated $10 to Haiti relief efforts via text. While on a short work break.

Uber-easy. Super-convenient. I had meant to donate SOMETHING earlier. But then I didn't get around to it, pondered what an appropriate amount would be, and got busy with other things.

Sometimes I wonder if potential 3-Day donors get that way. They see you, talk with you about the walk, take your donation form with the best of intentions -- and then life happens.

I am by no means a fundraising super-star. (I started fundraising about 12 months before my last walk in October and adopted an "if at first you don't succeed, just keep on trying" approach. That was after I abandoned my original lofty goal of finishing all my fundraising by spring so I could focus on training for the summer.) But I pondered the convenience factor while I was exercising (and staring blankly at my reflection in the gym mirror) yesterday, and here are a few suggestions I've got:

* If you're on Facebook, set up a group page for yourself or your team right away.  Then, ask people to join and challenge your closer friends/supporters to ask 10 of their Facebook friends whom you don't know to join, too. You can use this group to write about why you are walking, post pictures, updates of your other fundraising efforts, and links to your fundraising page in a way that will remind people what you're doing without being too in-their-face. They might not donate right away, but if they keep seeing all your hard work, there's a better chance they'll donate before the event rolls around - plus, you'll have a nice virtual log of your efforts.

* Wear a conversation piece. Maybe a pretty pink breast cancer-themed bracelet. Or a training shirt that says something like "Ask me why I'm walking 60 miles in 3 days." Or a bar shirt that says "I love my big/itty bitty tatas. Ask how you can help them." Or dress your dog in a pink sweater when you take him for a walk. (I HAVE NOT done this ... but I might.) Then, when people take the bait and ask, tell them about the walk and ask them for an e-mail address so you can send them more info. That puts the responsibility to take action on you, not them.

* Use the 3-Day widgets. They can go on your e-mail signature or your blog. If you're logged into your 3-Day Participant Center, you can find the widgets under "Resources" on the upper left-hand side. They'll also post a Facebook application by the end of the month that's a little more extensive. You can see a sample of my widget here on my 20-Something Blogger page.

Any other easy fundraising ideas? My fellow online ambassador Leanne...the walker recently did a $10 Tuesday fundraiser and is seeking other ideas to compile into a huge blog post.

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