I've recently re-immersed myself in an (unhealthy) obsession with checking my Google Analytics stats to see how many people are reading this blog. (The answer: Not as many as my ego would like.)

I briefly considered pulling the plug on the blog to force myself to dedicate a little more time and energy on any number of the other daily/demanding pursuits. But I'm not going to.


Because I like finding my own voice. Not my reporter's voice. My voice.

I'm a 28-year-old white woman who doesn't quite comprehend that she's an adult. During the four-odd years it took me to get my bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, I interned at the Ann Arbor News, the White House, then-Michigan State Senator Alma Wheeler Smith's office, and USA Today. I thought I had one hell of a resume when I graduated, but now I know I was just clueless to the fact that I was clueless. About a lot of stuff.

I was an editor at my college newspaper, but freaked out and quit half-way through my term. I was managing editor at a small weekly newspaper, freaked out, gave a month's notice when I quit, and managed to get myself hired at a daily paper. I married a guy who was completely wrong for me, freaked out (a lot), and finally managed (with a lot of help) to get divorced (two years ago). Everyone's a bit of a mess in their early 20s, right?

I have a few stories. And I don't think blogging has to be about search-engine optimization, self-marketing, or navel-gazing. I like having a log, complete with pics and cool fonts, of the stuff I've done in recent months. And the thoughts I've thunk.

I like reading other blogs, but unlike my original fears, I don't think it really detracts from my other reading or "real world" pursuits. Unlike most areas of my life, my blog is MY little piece of the world to control.

So, I'm going to keep shaping it. And worry less about how many people are reading it. But I do kinda hope you come back and read me again. :)
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4 Responses
  1. I can totally relate to parts of this post. I blog for my own purpose. As excited as I am when It's a small time gig to keep me sane and let me say what I want and share what I want. I think if that gets forgotten, I should stop. I'll be sure to keep checking in on your blog (this is my first visit, via makeunder my life) and so far, I like!

  2. pve design Says:

    Jess LC sent me on over. We all have our own unique reasons for why we blog and I have to say, the people that I have connected with are amazing. I blog to motivate me to do more, learn more, read more, create more, simplify, add, delete and enrich my life.
    Pour me a chai latte please.

  3. jillianduch Says:

    @simonssistasaw I just meandered over to your blog and LOVE all the pictures. looks like fun times :)

    @pve design you're right. I think there's something motivational about logging your own thoughts and aspirations. the other bloggers you meet are just icing on the cake...

  4. Julie Says:

    I am so glad to hear that someone else is obsessed with checking their anylytics...I have only figured out how to use a very basic system and yet it still seems to thrill me.

    Anyway thanks for listing me as a blog you read...that made my day.

    Find me on facebook if you like. I would love to learn your tips for blogging for a good cause.