I've read a few blog posts about the New York Times and other papers charging for online content and started pondering -- would I pay for their news? Sadly, probably not. Unless I wanted a specific article I had heard about elsewhere and needed it for a specific reason.

I have no idea if I'm like everyone else, but in order to sign up for a regular subscription for something, I have to feel like it's a part of my daily life. I take time to consider whether the expense is worth it. Match.com - at one point, yes. Newsweek (paper version), at one point, yes, but those just gathered in piles of Things I Meant To Read. So, New York Times, no.

But, Facebook? Yes. I'm addicted. I usually log in a few times a day and would probably pay $10 or $15 a month for the privilege of browsing others' status updates and posting the mundane details of my life.

To recap some of the status updates I've posted in the last few weeks:

Jan. 26: After Tuesday even the calendar spells W T F... (borrowed from Adam Roberts)

Jan. 9: Borrowed advice: If you can’t make a decision in 9 seconds, you’re not ready to make that decision.

Jan. 7: hehe. the guy in line in front of me at walmart just bought 2 40s of beer and a pregnancy test.

Jan. 5: Happiness is ... "chasing" the dog with the hairdryer while I'm blow-drying my hair

Dec. 21: wonders what her dog is thinking when he stares at her SO intently. (Comment from Sarah Jo Brenner: Dog: I bet she'd be good with ketchup... lol)

Dec. 21: Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. (Stolen from Krysta Harding.)

Dec. 12: A NASCAR fan and self-proclaimed gearhead told me tonight that I am better looking than his car. I haven't seen said car, so I'm going to take his word for it ;) (Yes, that was our second - and last - date. He seemed like a really nice guy; we just didn't click...)

Dec. 9: got a "fan e-mail" at work two days ago that still cracks me up. Direct quote: "Long live JILLIAN DUCHNOWSKI!"

Dec. 8: has a perverse urge to order pizza just to see how they deliver it in this snowfall...

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I have to agree about paying for online content. And sad to say, I too would probably subscribe to FB! LOL