Okay, so maybe my score shouldn't be zero - I've been wearing contact lenses for a little over a week. I've actually been WEARING them up until Sunday evening, when I dislodged one while rubbing my right eye. It was later at night so I figured I'd just take them out and call it an evening, but my hands were coated with puppy love and food (having eaten and played with BlackJack since last washing my hands).

So, I closed my right eye and went to wash my hands before I touched my eyes. Somewhere in the process, I involuntarily blinked and MY CONTACT FELL INTO A SINK FULL OF DIRTY WATER. Curses. I put on my glasses, turned on the lights and looked for the darned thing everywhere, but alas, found nothing.

I gave up.

The next morning, when it was light again, I drained the sink and LO AND BEHOLD, there was my contact, resting peacefully in the drain strainer. I plopped it in solution and pondered whether I could still use it. By ponder, I mean I called the Walmart Vision Center and the lady who answered the phone asked me a series of questions prompted by a computer program. It ultimately informed us that soft contacts tend to absorb whatever they are sitting in. So, if the dish water had soap and random food particles in it, I MIGHT feel some burning if I put the contact back in my eye.

I elected to just toss that contact and open a new package. I swear, I had NO IDEA these things were so complicated. ;)
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