It is NOT.

Just ask the people who had to listen to me complain/vent/whine about the person who expressed surprise that I am in my LATE 20s. As in, this person thought I was much younger. I did not ask this person what gave him/her that impression, but suffice it to say, this person has been around me enough to: 1) gather I have clearly graduated from college, 2) be familiar with my professional work, which I HOPE implies a certain amount of experience, and 3) note my wardrobe choices.

See, even writing that list made me worry that I walk around masquerading as a journalist for 7.5 hours a day and everyone I encounter thinks I'm completely clueless. And an immature dresser. And concludes that I'm somehow 18 or something.

Apparently insecurity doesn't go away with age, either. (Never fear, I went to a Big 10 university, was a White House intern, and have won several journalism awards. I even have a 401(k). I AM competent, even if I don't have a husband and kids and an SUV.)

Anyway, I bring up age because Cari, the fabulous lady from California who organized my team for the breast cancer walk last year, is looking for votes for a looking-fabulous-and-gorgeous-after-40 contest in More magazine. (You may remember her from such blog posts as "Friday FundRAISER: Just ask for a donation" and "Tatatinis and Teammates." She writes:

During my late forties I survived breast cancer, a double mastectomy, back surgery, and a rare reaction to Botox. All of these experiences enlightened me. I will never take good health for granted again. My husband of 27 years and my two beautiful daughters, along with many wonderful friends, made me realize I am truly loved.

She's 50.

Yes, click here and look at her picture. She does make 50 look great, right? As long as you're looking at her picture and how fabulous she is, scroll down and vote for her. The top 100 vote-getters move on to the second round, and three prize winners get money and a photo shoot in New York. Hmm, I wonder what she'll do with that prize money....
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2 Responses
  1. Kinley's Mom Says:

    I have the same 'problem' with people thinking I'm younger than I am. At 18, I tried to get off a plane and they stopped me because they thought I was an unaccompanied minor. Seriously, I was wearing my graduation sweatshirt. I'm now 40 and let me tell you...the older you get the more it becomes a compliment. I did however find it insulting in my 20s and 30. ;-)

  2. Lucy Says:

    I get that too, about being younger than I am. I went to the bank to open a savings account after I moved here (2 years ago so I would have been 25) and my Mom was there too (doing her own banking). They asked me if I was at least 18 because if I wasn't than I would need my Mom to come with me.

    Really? Come on people.