I've been kinda behind (read: busy/lazy/mostly busy) and didn't really pick winners for the Friday giveaways UNTIL TODAY. To be all formal and official, I set up an account at Random.org and used their Third-Party Draw Service.

For the pink frame: Shannon from Texas is the winner. (Her odds were incredibily good, seeing as how she commented twice and there were only four qualifying comments total.)

And for the pink toggle bracelet: Rhowena is the winner out of nine entries.

And for the pink New Balance keychain: Becky Gibbs. (Some super-nice person left an anonymous comment saying they really liked my blog. Which made my day. But anonymous comments cannot be entered into the giveaway. For what should be obvious reasons :)

This Saturday, I'll pick a winner for the Cooling Headband giveaway. Then, I'll have two more giveaways: a pair of cute cell-phone charms and two pairs of pink ribbon shoelaces.

Thanks for reading my blog.  :)
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