Update: All the cards and candles have now been claimed. But I have more stuff posted at:

I don't know about other three-peaters (er, people who have done multiple 3-Days), but I've accumulated a good pile of unused fundraising STUFF. I'm crewing (not walking) this year, ergo I have no fundraising minimum and admittedly have permanently abandoned some fundraising ideas/efforts.

But there is some stuff that you might find useful if you're doing some major 3-Day fundraising. So, in true garage-sale style, please peruse, pick it over, and comment or e-mail me at jillianduch at hotmail dot com if you're interested. The money I'm asking for each item covers my expected shipping costs (and maybe a little left over for the materials involved in the items) but trust me, this is not a fundraising effort for myself. The funds most likely will be funneled back into this blog or into 3-Day efforts.

I accept Paypal, but if you don't do Paypal, I'm sure we can figure out something :)

Handmade notecards
After setting these out at a few craft shows last year, I have an odd assortment left over. But they'd make perfect thank-you cards or stationery for encouraging notes.

MOM: You give such great support
I have four individual cards that each come with a bright pink envelope. 75 cents each

Let's find a cure for breast cancer before I grow boobies
Hehe... I did indeed use a picture of myself as a child (look what cute blonde hair I used to have!). Comes with white envelopes. I have a set of nine. $4

Fight like a girl!
Comes with white envelopes. Two sets of five. $4/set

Peace, Love, Happiness
All spelled out in little pink bubbles. Comes with white envelopes. I have two sets of seven. $5/set.

Save a 'pear'
Support breast cancer research. Still my favorite slogan! I'm left with a set of eight in this lavender/tan print. $5

Save the ta-tas!
White cards decorated with pink paper flowers. Two sets of four. $3/set

Miscellaneous babies with pink ribbons.
Various images with slogans like "Find a cure" and "Join the fight" Set of seven pink cards with white envelopes. $5

As I said, if you're interested, simply comment below and send the funds via Paypal to jillianduch at hotmail dot com. I'll update the listings as items are claimed. Good luck with all your fundraising and awareness efforts!
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3 Responses
  1. View - Says:

    Put me down for the candles. Sending you an email as well. Thanks!

    Penny Kellam
    17x walker

  2. jllianduch Says:

    Penny's got the candles, so I removed them from this blog post. All the notecards are still available!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, are the note cards still available?
    Thank you so much,
    Terry Larsen