So if this isn't a fundraising idea that will RAISE you up, I don't know what is. It might, in fact, inspire you to host a PG-13 rated bake sale ... but I guess the world could use a few more of those :)

From my walking buddy Mandy:

Bubbles for Boobies: A fundraising success (and a lot of fun too)!

Last year I was at a complete loss for fundraising ideas for the 3-Day. Finally, I decided to have a party! I have lots of parties, and I enjoy planning them. But what kind of party? And how would I ask people for donations at a party? The ideas came together slowly but eventually it all worked out…

I LOVE to have parties and my usual method is to have a fun theme, provide lots of food (I like to cook) and ask guests to bring whatever they like to drink. This way I get to enjoy cooking and everyone gets good food and exactly what they like to drink.  I thought it would be a nice idea to make food as usual but ask guests to bring a donation in the amount they normally would have spent on liquor/wine/beer/soda. My plan was to use up all of the leftover liquor from past parties and buy whatever was needed to supplement that. This way I wouldn’t be spending much more than I normally would for a party, and I felt good about providing all the food and drinks for people who were so kindly bringing donations.

I sent out a “Save the Date” to friends and what happened next gave me the inspiration for the party theme. One friend had another commitment on party day so he sent me a check for the cost of a case of pink champagne. In honor of this gift the party became “Bubbles For Boobies”! Pink champagne for everyone! Another friend who couldn’t make it offered to help pay for the food. 

 Even better, I went to Girl’s Night Out at a local cafĂ© where there was a massage therapist doing chair massages for $1 per minute. I told her about my party, and she offered to volunteer her time and donate all of the massage money to the cause. She called me a few days later and said that another massage therapist wanted to volunteer also! Before the party even started I was completely blown away by people’s generosity.

I had so much fun decorating the house with pink ribbons, and I even replaced the light bulb in the front porch light with a hot pink one! I also made boobie cookies using a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a boobie cake with a heart-shaped cake pan. For a party game I taped a pink posterboard on the wall and asked people to write down all the names they could think of for boobies. They got VERY creative with that!

The party was a complete success! The massages generated a lot of money, and people stuffed the donation box with a LOT more money than they would have spent on drinks. Bubbles For Boobies raised about $1,400 including donations from people who couldn’t make it but sent a donation instead. It was a great experience!

From Jillian: Come back next week. Friday FundRAISERS will feature the perfect Mother's Day gift. And don't forget to enter this week's giveaway!
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  1. Jamie Says:

    We are planning a huge party with a DJ for one of our fundraisers; I hope it is just as successful!