So, I'm having a garage sale next weekend that (hopefully) will put a dent in the $600 I still need to raise for my Breast Cancer 3-Day goal. And, in case you know me and don't really want any of my old stuff, let me assure you that my mom, aunt and grandma have offered plenty of great items that they no longer need. Tons of household items, Christmas decorations and books.

Here are some of the best:

A cabbage patch doll from 1984 (thanks, Gram!). The doll remains in the original package with its adoption papers, although the plastic has pulled away from the end of the box. I am told these are collectors' items, so I'm asking $25 for it - which obviously will go toward breast cancer prevention and research.

A custom made pillow from Designs by Maida. This was a raffle prize from the wine tasting that the winner never picked up, so I'm recycling the donation. The folks at Designs by Maida said it's worth $120; I'll give it to you for a $30 donation.

Another raffle prize that was never claimed, this heart teddy comes from LorEnn's Hallmark in Woodstock. It's cute and cuddley and talks. I'm offering it for $20.

This is a purse my mom made from a recycled hardcover book, fabric and beads. She normally sells them for $45, but I'll give it up for a $30 donation :)

The sale will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday and Saturday (Aug. 14 and 15) at 971 Quill Lane, Woodstock. See you there!
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