Here's a confession: I love the 3-Day, but I probably (definitely) won't be walking in it until there's a cure. Unless the cure comes in January or so.

But, I have nothing but respect for those who can raise more than $2,000 year after year, while training for endurance walking. And to do both those things while dealing with the realities of being a breast cancer survivor is truly inspiring.

This week, Terry Hoeckh of Plymouth, Mass., I raise my walking shoes to you. Here's her story:

My grandmother and I are both breast cancer survivors; she of over 35 years and I of almost 10 years.

I walked my 2nd 3-Day in Boston last month and loved every minute of it! I don't have any biological children (one of the downsides of chemo), but I have "bonus" kids and this year my "bonus" daughter, Tori, walked with me.

We had a blast and I can't wait 'til next year when we'll do it again! I decided during my first walk last year that I want to walk every year until there is no reason to walk any longer. I want to see a cure in my lifetime!
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  1. Kathy Says:

    Come on girl, sign up to do Arizona with me next year.
    Ms Oklahoma TaTa