Think about it. Do you like your boss enough to work for free while s/he battled breast cancer? That, in a way, is the first heartwarming part of this tale, IMHO...

Without further ado, here's Kristine's story:

The entire first year I walked, my Aunt Pat worked for free. Her boss was fighting breast cancer and, as a very small business owner, had no health insurance. All profits from the small retail shop went to pay her living expenses while she went through her aggressive treatment.

All through that first year of walking, I sent out a monthly newsletter letting all my friends, family & supporters know how I was doing on fundraising and training. Each newsletter also contained information about Komen, their services and resources.

The following February, Aunt Pat got a paycheck. It was her first in over a year. What changed? Because of my newsletters, she had encouraged her boss to contact Komen. They picked up the tab for all, that’s right, ALL the medical expenses associated with her treatment!

When I learned that it was my walk that encouraged this woman, a total stranger, to reach out for help, it brought goosebumps to my skin. It was the funds raised by all the walkers in the 2006 Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day that paid those bills for her, enabled her to get back on her feet, and lighten her financial worries so she could focus on her recovery.

So, it’s true – working together, we CAN make a difference.

Kristine Feddock
4x walker

From Jill: This story also made me realize that I don't know as much as I should about Komen. I always tell people I'm raising money for breast cancer research and education, but I didn't realize the organization would pick up the tab for medical expenses for someone who was uninsured. Very cool.

(Look for a post in the near future of fun facts I didn't know about Komen. Maybe it's time to do a little research...)

Thanks, Kristine, for sharing this story. You can share yours by e-mailing jillianduch@hotmail.com) If you e-mail me by this Friday, you'll be entered in a drawing for a pretty, pink necklace by Jess LC.
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  1. Shannon Says:

    A walker this year in Denver. She was walking because her bills were picked up. They found some masses in her breasts. She had no health insurance. They covered all the tests, all the expenses for the medical charges. Susan G. Komen does a heck of a lot more then research. THOUGH... The research is what saved my Mom's life. Either way they do it right.
    Shannon Davis '09 Denver '10 Denver, '10 Tampa