Yes, yes, I did request this book, which clearly was in the Young Adults section, from the Woodstock Public Library. Before you mock me too harshly, let me tell you that there were 8 people ahead of me on the request list. I'm sure not ALL of them were actually young adults.

Anyhoo, the writing ain't good. The character development ain't good. In fact, calling this fiction is kind of like calling some Law and Order episodes fiction.

I mostly read it to get juicy little details on how "reality" television is filmed. (Producers sends the "characters" text messages encouraging them to smile more, to repeat something if someone weird walked into the frame or to move something if it blocked the shot. They reshoot people coming and going if it didn't go smoothly sometimes, and occasionally the "characters" have to wait to move from one "scene" to another.)

Undoubtedly the best (and only good) character detail came on page 7. Scarlett has a coffee cup that said: Cogito, ergo sum, "her favorite saying by her favorite philosopher. It was Latin for 'I think, therefore, I am,' but she liked to tell anyone who bothered to ask that it was Swahili for 'I'm shallow, but you're ugly.'"

Hehe. That's funny, right?
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