(or a reader’s guide to my roommate and sevenlayerburritos.com)

10. She loves Taco Bell’s seven-layer burritos, but she realized that no one really knows how to spell burittos. Er, burritos, eh, right? So, she had some handy business cards printed up that also remind us that she’s cool AND funny, just in case we forgot.

9. She loves her family with all her heart. Almost as much as she loves Great America. (But as far as I can tell, the rest of them love Great America too, so no one’s feelings get hurt.)

8. I often discover what is going on in her life not because we live together, but through Twitter, Facebook or her blog. Strangely, when I asked her how her trip to South Dakota was, she didn’t tell me all this stuff.

7. She has about as much patience for me whining/complaining/obsessing about boys/men as I do about her obsessing about the background of her blog. But, I’ll be the first to admit, she has way more interesting boys/men in her life than I do. Like here, here, AND here.

6. I once posted on my Facebook status that I wanted to paint my toenails purple like Sarah Palin’s in a Time magazine spread. Not only did she not ask politely why I was reading her issue of Time, but she appeared that very day with purple nail polish. See, other people realize that sometimes, imitation is the sincerest form of mockery.

5. She gets the tennis ball for BlackJack when he barks because SOMEHOW it went under the couch. And then she gets revenge by fake-throwing it and laughing gleefully while he searches for it. Everywhere. Including behind the t.v. and on top of the couch.

4. Someone once told her a bush in front of our townhouse spontaneously combusted. And she believed him.

3. She knows how to fix toilets with wire hangers. And, speaking of wire hangers, I believe she can pick her own car lock with one, too. Although, that I have not seen.

2. She once messaged the relative of an (almost) complete stranger because he stopped commenting on her blog so she feared him dead. He wasn’t, but then he called her and told her she is hilarious. I mean, a hilarious writer.

1. She loves journalism with a passion. Like, a consuming passion that (almost) ignores pretty bad hours, bad lighting, relatively low pay, and piles of student loans. No matter what she says, I know she loves it. My evidence? This, this and this.

Oh, and her birthday's Sunday. So wish her a happy day :)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We all love Crystal! I can see why she speaks so fondly of you in her blog. You're witty, friendly and have great taste in nail polish.