When I am a millionaire, I will work part-time at a large bookstore chain so I can read their books and drink coffee/chai latte on breaks only to return the books I don't love to the shelf -- thereby sticking "to the man" all the money I spent on books before becoming filthy rich.

And I deeply believe there will be bookstores then, not simply a plethora of Kindles and people tapping on screens. Books smell good, people, and you can fall asleep reading them. Whoever feel asleep with a mini-computer in their hand? Unless they were drunk computer-science majors?

Anyway, partially in the spirit of keeping bookstores alive and (more honestly) because I could not help myself, I walked into a book store today to get the book for tomorrow's book club and ended up with three other books.

One, a book I read ages ago but never bought but simply had to in case I ever get a craving.

Two, Son of a Witch, by Gregory Macguire. It's the sequel to Wicked, so I kind of feel like I should re-read that since my memory of it has been tarnished by seeing the musical -- must have been two years ago. The musical was great - hilarious, good costumes - but it didn't do the book justice. But every time I think about reading it, I remember I was to re-read the Harry Potter series because I DEVOURED it in a week or so (seriously, I pulled a few all-nighters on that one) and thus missed some of the finer points. Then, I get so lost in indecision over what to read first, that I don't start either. But now that I own Son of a Witch, I'm much more likely to read either Harry Potters (at least the later books) or Wicked.

So, that was a good purchase.

And then, because I once loved Starbucks and still love memoirs, I got How Starbucks Saved My Life, by Michael Gates Gill. The author, according to the book jacket, had a long career in advertising, lost it all, and ended up working at Starbuck, which he now called the best job he ever had. It left me wondering two things: 1) has he discovered a secret to writing success I need to emulate? and 2) exactly how much did his previous jobs suck?

The book I went there to get, Maisie Dobbs, by Jacqueline Winspear, looks pretty good. The book club ladies generally have good picks. I'll let you know if I finish it by 7:30 tomorrow night :)
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  1. Wait, so you got four books for $44.91? While that's not bad, you should check out a Half Priced Books (nearest one is in Arlington Heights, I believe). I went there a month ago and got nine books for $38. It was amazing.