As you may (or likely have not) noticed, my very first blog post was April 22. That means Sept. 22 will be chailatteplease.blogspot.com's 6th-month anniversary. Half-birthday?

I've mostly babbled about books and walking and breast cancer, but my readership has grown from 44 absolute unique visitors in June to 627 absolute unique visitors in August. (I didn't discover Google Analytics until June 15, and I still haven't figured out what an absolute unique visitor is, but I assume that doesn't count all the times I click on my own blog to check for misspellings or new comments).

I don't really have any lofty goals of pulling in advertising revenue or launching BlackJack's television career via this blog, but I like writing outside work and knowing that SOMEONE reads it. You know, besides my grandma and my roommate.

So, in honor of chailatteplease.blogspot.com's almost-half-birthday, let me point you to a super-interesting blog that caught tons of attention last week. I read about it here, and then I finally skimmed through a few weeks worth of posts tonight. It's a healthy reminder that just because you think you know about homelessness, or people who can't make ends meet, or 20-somethings who can't seem to find a job, doesn't mean you actually know anything about anything ;)
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  1. ~B~ Says:

    Thank you for the link and the kind words :) Your spoodle is adorable!