Not everyone can walk 60 miles. Simply because SOMEONE has to serve dinner, and stock the tent with the vibrating foot massagers, and put up directional signs, and shuffle the luggage around.

This week's motivation comes from a woman who decided to give of herself in a way that best matches her abilities. Stephanie Jackson will be crewing in Arizona Nov. 13-15, and although there's not fundraising requirement for crew members, she's raised a little over $900. Good job, Stephanie!

I am a crew member and this will be my first year participating. I moved here from Italy and I didn't even know about the 3-Day!!! I am crewing because I can not walk. I have a hip condition (my bones aren't shaped right) that would make walking close to impossible. I want to participate because my great grandma has breast cancer. She is such a strong and fiery lady. Seeing her lose her hair and lose the spark about her is heart breaking. I don't want anyone to go through that.

From Jill: If you're interested in sharing your own inspiration for walking/crewing in the Breast Cancer 3-Day, e-mail it to me at jillianduch@hotmail.com.
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