For weeks now, my spare set of car keys has been sitting on the floor of my back seat. Yes, INSIDE the car. I don't really remember how they got there. Or why I don't pick them up any of the five million times when I saw them and thought, "Some day, you're going to lock BOTH sets of keys in the car and have to explain to a locksmith exactly how you got in this situation. He will undoubtedly laugh..."

Anyhoo, I locked my keys - the ones I was actually using - in the trunk.

With Crystal's help.

We were loading stuff in the trunk after a Wal-Mart trip and somehow I dropped my keys in the trunk when I slid my hand through the handle of the plastic bags. Only, I didn't notice right away and Crystal closed the trunk.

And then I was like, "Where are my keys? That's funny, I just had them."

And then I KNEW.

Thankfully, I had unlocked the car doors and it only took me 5 minutes or so to locate the back-seat keys beneath all the crap (er, stuff I will need any minute now) there. Moral of this story? Sometimes being a slob pays off. :)
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