... on the National Marrow Donor Registry DIY kit.

Remember how, believing I can save the world one disease-fighting charity at a time, I registered for the bone-marrow registry last week? Well, the at-home kit came a few days later, and as promised, it was essentially four cotton swabs.

Unlike toilet replacement parts and mouse traps (it's been a trying week of home improvement for me, but that's a whole 'nother blog post) the kit came with great, easy-to-understand instructions. Just swab the cotton on the inside of your cheek using the same amount of pressure you use brushing your teeth, label it with one of the bar codes in the kit and repeat three times. Then pop it in the envelope and you're done.

Took less than five minutes. And it could be the first step to saving a life.

I would ask why YOU haven't registered yet. But it's something you should take seriously, because you should be willing to actually go through with the donation process, which could take you out of commission for a few days.

But at least read more about it here and here. And think about it.
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