Seriously, I saw a guy holding this sign at a cheering station in the first 3-Day I walked (Chicago 2007). Back when I sported a cute pink backpack because, obv., fanny packs are dorky.

But backpacks made me unnecessarily sore. A created an uncomfortable back-sweat spot. And I think I read someplace that worn long-term, they throw off your stride because they move your center of gravity. Or some such blather.

So, I have a hydration pack. That I stuff with Aleve (I'm realistic, people), extra-large BandAids for big blisters, Clif peanut butter bars (they look weird, but taste pretty good), my ID, moleskin and BandAids made specifically for blisters on fingers and toes. These special bandages are a little pricey, but totally worth it. They are super-sticky, so they stay on no matter how much you sweat (perspire? glisten?) or shower. They also are rather cushiony, so (in my experience) they don't allow the blister to continue to rub against, say, the side of the shoe.

The hydration, er, fanny pack also is big enough for my cell phone and a poncho. The latter which I hope I never have to use.
It doesn't rain in D.C. right?

(Just three weeks until the big walk!!)
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