This week's featured crafter grew up in Indiana on the shore of Lake Michigan and now lives in Long Beach, New York. So, she packages her wine charms (IE, cute little bangles for the bottom of your wine glass) with a surf clam shell. She has a million different designs (OK, not really a million. Several.) $5 of the $15 for the pink-ribbon theme charms to go Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Here's a little more about her, and Four Times A Charm, in her own words:

What I create:  Wine charms packaged in sea shells (set of four charms, including a pink rhinestone breast cancer ribbon charm)

My favorite piece in my Etsy shop is: I think the nautical charms are my favorite! (Jillianduch: I'm partial to the dog lovers charms, myself.)

Why I hate cancer:  It takes away people we love

The charities I support: Susan Komen Foundation & American Diabetes Foundation (I am also a volunteer tour guide at the American Museum of Natural History).

What more people should realize about cancer is: Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease.

My favorite cancer-awareness slogan: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The biggest blessing in my life is: My wonderful friends & family... and that I live near the ocean.

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