... to realize and acknowledge what this girl handled in a few short sentences. Bri was writing about her broken engagement, but I think the sentiments perfectly encapsulate my failed marriage.

At some point, we all learn that not everyone is who they hold themselves out to be, and there’s nothing like observing a person in his natural habitat to make you realize that love doesn’t necessarily transcend all.  Not everything translates well across the ocean, life has never been and will never be a fairytale, and there are some people you can’t help.  That’s when it’s time to take a deep breath and save yourself.

In fact, I would say I spent months staring at "the natural habitat" involved and was still truly unable to articulate what the problem was. Huh. That's part of the reason we have writers, right? To explain the incomprehensible? The obvious things we can't articulate?
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