Oh ye Midwesterners, spring is NOT just around the corner. Might be time to admit you are still going to be piling on the winter coat, gloves/mitten and scarf for a few more MONTHS. But, this week I'm featuring a crafter who makes all sorts of fun ways to stay warm. She also makes Boobie Beanies, which I saw at the Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington, D.C., and LOVED enough that I would consider wearing a knit beanie in 70-degree weather. Especially if I found another boob to wear one with me. (That hasn't happened. Yet.)

What I create: I love to knit!  More importantly, I like to knit with a purpose.  I've always got a project in my lap.  If you ever wanted to feel good about an evening as a couch potato, knit some baby hats while watching your favorite chick flick.

My favorite piece in my Etsy shop is:  The Boob Tube Scarf.   I designed and created the orignal for a contest to raise breast cancer awareness.  I didn't win the contest, but the scarf has been a hit:  the biggest seller in my shop.

The charities I support:  Susan G Komen Foundation, Children's Cancer Research, OFA Red Scarf Project, Newborns in Need, and HAP (Handmade Afghans Project)

I also lead the ETSY YARN-A-HOLICS TEAM, which focuses heavily on charity work.

What more people should realize about cancer is: that it can happen to anyone, at any time.   Every day is a gift.  Ruffle feathers.  Turn over stones.  Take the path less travelled.  Follow your heart.

My favorite cancer-awareness slogan:  "Fight Like a Girl"  (although "Feel Your Boobies" is a close second)

The biggest blessing in my life is:  My family:   They're my biggest cheer leaders, and my best friends. 

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  1. Steph Says:

    what a scarf & hat set!!