Sarabee's creations make me wish I was better at knitting. I found her via this cute, pink yarn (half the listing goes to Susan G. Komen for a Cure) and am glad she decided to share her thoughts with you:

What I create: Hi! I'm Sarabeth, I offer handspun and handpainted yarns and handpainted drop spindles

My favorite piece in my Etsy shop is: Oh no, that's like picking between my children... uhm... I really like my baa-baa Poke-Me-Knots... little black and white sheep that you stick on the ends of your needles while you're not knitting to keep your stitches from falling off.

Why I hate cancer: It took my grandpa away just months shy of my wedding. It continues to take lots of grandpas and grandmas and mothers and fathers and children, away from the ones they love. 

The charities I support: The Susan G Komen Foundation, Race for the Cure

What more people should realize about cancer is: It effects all of us, no one is immune, we all know or are someone touched by this disease. We have to demand a cure. 

My favorite cancer-awareness slogan: Cancer sucks!

The biggest blessing in my life is: My husband and three beautiful sons. 

Link to my website: http://www.sarabeedesigns.com

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Twitter: sarabeedesigns 
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