I was climbing on the Stairmaster about the time Woodstock Willie and Punxsutawney Phil were making their predictions this morning. My gym has huge floor-to-ceiling windows, so I had a great view of the fluffy snow that blanketed the ground and of the snowflakes that continued to fall.

Oh, and I had to scrape my car before I could drive home and shower.

But I soon learned that Willie had predicted an early spring, while Phil (wiser, but perhaps meaner) predicted more winter. A pessimist presented with more and more snowflakes throughout the day, I sided with Phil. Arg.

Doesn't that little rodent know my dog is going stir crazy to the point he runs laps around the furniture when I get home? Doesn't he know I got a GPS pedometer for Christmas I'd love to try out while hiking at Glacial Park? Somehow, I think wearing it around the courthouse to see EXACTLY how far I walk on the average work day is not as exciting. But I'm almost to that point, because I got the thing more than a month ago and haven't actually OPENED the box yet. And it's calling to me.

:: sigh ::

Today was the primary election, and with all those politicans and politicos running around, we still turned to two rodents to tell us our fate. There's probably a joke in that statement somewhere, but I'll let you find it on your own :)
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