In the fall of 2003, I bought what I thought were a super-cute pair of jeans at a Gap Outlet store. They had a gray-ish tint to them and buttoned up the left hip, sans zipper, leaving the front flat. I liked them so much I bought two pairs and thought I was the coolest girl in Hoopeston, Ill.

(Which, really, is like grading on a curve considering that, oh, ten girls ages 20-25 VOLUNTARILY live in Hoopeston. But that's beside the point. And I do have a soft spot in my heart for that little town...)

Then, somewhere along the line, I gained weight. And they didn't fit. But still believing these jeans to be cool, I tossed them into a plastic storage bin, along with random summer clothes, and plunked the whole thing in the garage. Where the jeans have stayed. I periodically tried them on while digging out/putting away skirts and shorts and tank tops, but alas, even losing a few pounds didn't make that top button button without dangerously impeding my breathing.

Until Friday.

Hovering OH SO CLOSE to having lost 20 pounds in my most recent effort to lose weight... (which, really, is becoming a cyclical effort. Try for three weeks. Get discouraged. Sit on arse for two months while enjoying vast quanities of pasta and the eliptical trainer. Repeat. But this time is different, I tell you.) Anywhoo, I went through said storage bin on Friday, because I have lost enough weight that my previous somewhat-snug clothing now requires a belt to ensure I don't flash the potential felons at the courthouse. 


I'm sure every woman in America knows how great this feeling is. Better than a first-date with a guy you've been crushing on for weeks. Better than sleeping in on a Sunday and reading a really good book after days of working like a dog. Better than a promotion. Dare I say: better than sex?

Because whether you're losing weight for health or aesthetic reasons (or both), whether you've been dieting for a few weeks or a few months, this is tanglible affirmation that SOMETHING happened and it's not just in your head or just on your scale. And it's great motivation to keep on truckin' to the next milestone.

So, yeah, here I go...
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